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Beautypreneur Beginner

Makeup Masterclass

In This Masterclass



How to Create A Professional Brand

We will touch base on the must haves of starting a business!



Our Social Media Strategy

Learn how to take professional quality photos along with all the must have apps!


Business Fundamentals

Key factors to run a successful business


Breaking Into The Industry

How to get your name out there!

Are you stuck in your own head?

Okay, now can we talk about what a whirlwind 2020 has been.  Lots has changed, everyone has been forced to make adjustments, people have lost their jobs, have left their jobs, found and pursued their passions, took time back to find themselves, and you can too! If you are looking for an extra side hustle or to follow your dreams and enter the world of beauty….

Wether you are that corporate 9 to fiver confined to their cubicle space, that stay at home mom looking for additional income, or that beauty lover that just hasn't taken the leap to follow their are here and that means you desire something more!

Here is why want to grow your income, set your own work hours and create that work-life balance that you have always dreamed of. If that's you, signing up for this course  is the first step of making those dreams a reality. 

I will show you the most profitable way to launch your beautypreneur career!


This is a Must Attend If...

If You Don't Know Where to Start

You will walk away from this webinar with a game plan and total clarity!

You've Been Trying for Months to Start

You have a desire to become a beautypreneur but haven't made any serious commitment.

OVERWHELM hits whenever you try to focus.

You've got a lot going on and you need a proven process broken down into easy steps so you can take action and never look back.

A Note From The Instructor...

Let's be honest, when we are first starting out there are a lot of fears and self doubt that cloud our judgement. Perhaps this is because we do not know where to begin, what building a business entails. We have built these courses for that exact reason, to eliminate your fear. To guide you through the whole process. Skip the mistakes I made, save you the money I wasted, and to assist you along the way, because your success is our success! #beautypreneurs


Join me to finally learn what it takes to kickstart your makeup career!